Madera Tribune's Pride Edition: 70 Years!

The office staff of Pistoresi Ambulance, from left, are Glenda Hernandez, Lance Hoffrage, Cathy Rodriguez, Robert Carranza and Citiali Gonzalez.

For nearly 70 years, Pistoresi Ambulance has not only saved lives, but cultivated a sense of community in the process.

Owner Monte Pistoresi took over his father’s business in 1963 and continued the family’s vision of serving the public.“

It’s always been our philosophy to provide ‘caring care,’” Pistoresi said. “From day one when someone comes to work for me, I tell them to view the patient as a member of their own family.”

Pistoresi Ambulance serves Madera and Chowchilla with nine ambulances — four of them running 24 hours a day. Each vehicle is staffed with a paramedic and emergency medical technician, ready to respond to emergencies and provide assistance with a personal touch.

“We have all the latest and most updated equipment,” Pistoresi said, “but the big variable is the care that you provide. When it comes to emergencies, the only thing patients will remember is how they were treated, and if they were comforted and reassured”.

With about 40 employees, Pistoresi Ambulance responds to more than 12,000 calls per year. The business uses the same dispatch service as American Ambulance in Fresno and the calls range from automobile accidents to heart attacks. No matter what the emergency, one thing re-mains the same: A commitment to superior patient care.

“I think with the name ‘Pistoresi’ being on the side of the business, people can identify with a family name that they recognize,” Pistoresi said. “You want to maintain a good reputation because it’s your family name.”

Being a family-run business allows Pistoresi Ambulance to form connections with the community and make patients feel as comfortable as possible.

The Pistoresi name is well known to Madera residents, as the company has sponsored numerous local organizations over the years, including Madera Sunrise Rotary, Madera Special Olympics and Madera Community Hospital. The business also supports local youth teams, like Little League, soccer and basketball teams and Pop Warner Football.

Ted Pistoresi grew up learning the business, and has worked for his father, Monte, for nearly 30 years. “Ambulance calls would actually come into our house on a special phone,” Ted Pistoresi said.

Business has been booming since then: Call volume has nearly doubled in the last 25 years, but the company’s basic values remain unchanged.

“It’s not just about saving lives,” Ted Pistoresi said. “That happens occasionally, but it’s just about doing your best and doing a service that is definitely needed.”

After graduating high school and earning his EMT license in 1983, Ted Pistoresi planned to work for his father during his summers home from college. But after graduation, he decided to carry on the family tradition as a Pistoresi Ambulance paramedic. He has been a certified paramedic since 1990.

“The philosophy of my father is most definitely ingrained into me,” Ted Pistoresi said. He strives to ease patient’s nerves during emergency situations and safely give them the best treatment

Paramedic Lance Hoffrage began his career with Pistoresi Ambulance after completing training and attending a ride-along. “That was what really clenched it,” Hoffrage said.

The exciting aspect of the job may have lured him in, but the satisfaction of impacting lives keeps him coming in every day.

“Being able to help somebody out, sharing my experiences and teaching the lessons that I’ve learned,” Hoffrage said of what he likes about his job. Dedication and enthusiasm are hallmarks of Pistoresi Ambulance staffers, and community members take notice.

“They do recognize our name.” Ted Pistoresi said. “We’ve done a lot in the area with volunteering and community service.”

Madera and Chowchilla residents have come to know Pistoresi Ambulance as a trusted service run by dedicated individuals. While saving lives may seem extraordinary to the average person, it’s all in a day’s work for the Pistoresi’.

Paramedic John Mitchell and his partner Robert Hernandez, EMT-1, show off their ambulance equipment to a local student at a Career Fair at Desmond Middle School.


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