Madera Community Hospital Fund Raising: A Family Affair

Madera Community Hospital’s “InTouch Newsletter”

Monte Pistoresi is the owner of Pistoresi Ambulance and for many years has been actively involved in fund raising efforts for Madera Community Hospital. Ted Pistoresi is the operations manager of Pistoresi Ambulance and is following in his father’s footsteps by joining the MCH Foundation. Both father and son continue to support and attend hospital events. It has been over 46 years since Monte ran his first ambulance call. He was overwhelmed at the impact it made on him in being able to help someone in need.

Monte is a true humanitarian and has been recognized by many organizations for his outstanding
contributions to the community. Pistoresi Ambulance began operation in 1981 and has served the citizens of Madera for over 27 years. Pistoresi Ambulance serves Madera County and the surrounding areas. Monte served on the MCH Foundation from 1990-1998. He was President from 1995-1997. He has been the Master of Ceremonies at several Foundation events. In 1998 he was asked to be a member of the MCH Board of Trustees, he has served as President of the Board of Trustees and currently remains an active member.

Ted Pistoresi joined the MCH Foundation in 2006. Ted willingly volunteers for all Foundation events. He supports, sells, attends, and works at all fundraising events. He is a model Foundation member. He is a true ambassador for Madera Community Hospital.

Both Monte and Ted have been instrumental in their fundraising efforts. In addition to the generous monetary donations as event sponsors, they are both eager to give their time for events, fundraising campaigns and the organization necessary to ensure successful fundraising for the hospital.

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